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Electric Flea Comb For Cats & Dogs

Electric Flea Comb For Cats & Dogs

Electric Flea Comb For Cats & Dogs

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Ā šŸ˜ Are you tired of finding insects on your pets? If yes, this product is for you! šŸ˜

This is anĀ electric flea combĀ thatĀ kills and stuns fleas without harming your pet.Ā 

The secret is thatĀ Electric Head Lice CombĀ releases aĀ slight electric chargeĀ as yourĀ brush the comb through your petā€™s fur.Ā It finds the fleas, kills them, and removes dead fleas from your petā€™s coat.



Fleas canĀ deplete your catā€™s blood supplyĀ and this can be especially dangerous in young kittens. As the flea feeds on the blood, the process creates a reaction that can cause itching. Fleas can alsoĀ cause tapeworm.

No Stress

  • Work for Pets of Every Age
  • This product is effective no matter the age of your pet. You can use it on your kitten or your puppy, and also on a mature canine or feline.

  • With this device, removing fleas is a flawlessly stress-free procedure, thus ensuring that your pet will cooperate with it completely.

Save Money

  • Veterinarian charges can be quite high, and you hardly want to visit a vet for something as elementary as helping your pet to be rid of fleas.

Save Time

  • Instead of the lengthy procedures normally associated with flea removal, this device removes the fleas quickly and easily.

Product Specifications

  • Materials : Plastic and Metal
  • Notes : Requires 2 x "AA" batteries
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